Annual Fund Drive

Firefighters are said to be a strange bunch. They run into burning buildings when everyone else is running out! They do this out of the love of helping fellow citizens, not for any monetary reasons.

During the months of May, June and July our fund drive is in full swing. Your donations go directly to the Laurelton Volunteer Fire Association. As a point of information, the fire taxes you pay every year go to the Laurelton Fire District for daily operation of the firehouse (heating, repairs, etc.) & to buy firefighting apparatus. None of your taxes go towards Association functions.

Your donations also go to help purchase equipment that the firefighters use in their volunteer work. Thanks to your past donations, each of the three trucks in use at Laurelton have a semi-automatic defibrillator on them. This is the single-most important piece of equipment when a citizen experiences a heart attack. The fact that each truck has one of these HeartStart machines means that you, our district residents, have a better chance of surviving a heart attack.

So won’t you please be kind and send in a donation in the envelopes provided to you during our yearly mailing or give a donation in person when one of our firefighters knocks on your door. You may also donate online by clicking the orange button in the right-hand column of this page. For as much as you are helping the firefighters, you, in turn, are helping yourselves as well.

Donate Online

To donate with a credit card, click on the donate button below.

Donate by Check

Send a Check to or Donate in Person at:

Laurelton Volunteer Fire Association
405 Empire Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14609

Make checks payable to “The Laurelton Volunteer Fire Association”.

All donations are tax deductible.

A Donation in Memory of...

Please use either of the above options if you would like to make a donation in the memory of a Laurelton Member.

Other Annual Fundraising

Chicken BBQ's

At least twice a year, we run a hugely popular Chicken BBQ Fund Raiser. We start serving at 11am and up to 700 chickens can be gone in less than 3 hours! The dinner includes a half-chicken, baked beans, salt potatoes and a dinner roll with butter. ALL FOR ONLY $10! (Price subject to change).

Keep your eye out for the next one on the Events Calendar on the website’s Home Page.

Lucky Lottery Calendar

The other major fund raiser that the Association runs every year is the Lucky Lottery Calendar Drive. Please click the link below to read more about this additional fund raiser.