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Last Member Update: 12/26/2018
  • During the year 2017, the Laurelton Fire Department answered 797 alarms.
  • The Laurelton Fire District is the third smallest fire district in "area served" in Monroe County.
  • We protect about 4000 homes in a 2 mile diameter.
  • Laurelton employs 4 Career Firefighters to complement a volunteer force of 40+ Firefighters. This Career Staff ensures that there is someone to answer your emergency 24/7. Our district residents do not need to wait for a crew to arrive with the first truck. This makes our response time to you much quicker.
  • We operate with three main emergency vehicles: a 107' Quint, a 1250gpm Pumper & a Rescue Truck. We also have a 15 person emergency-equiped van, which is used as a support/transport vehicle.
  • A major key to our future is Explorer Post 991. Upon turning 18 years old, these young men & women can become Active Firefighters & put all their hard work & training to the test.