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Last Member Update: 1/05/2021

The Laurelton Fire Department is a member of the Monroe County 1st Battalion.

The 1st Battalion covers the Irondequoit and Webster areas. The following fire departments make up the Battalion.

  • The Laurelton Fire Department
  • The Ridge Culver Fire Department
  • The Point Pleasant Fire Department
  • The Sea Breeze Fire Department
  • The St. Paul Boulevard Fire Department
  • The Webster Fire Department
  • The West Webster Fire Department
  • The Union Hill Fire Department

All of the listed fire departments have their own ambulance corps except for three, Laurelton, Ridge Culver & Webster. Ambulance service for Laurelton & Ridge Culver is provided by Irondequoit Ambulance. Webster's ambulance service is provided by Webster Emergency Medical Service (W.E.M.S.). Although the Webster FD & the Penfield FD have created the North East Joint Fire District, Penfield is part of the 3rd Battalion.

Below is a map of the 1st Battalion's coverage area. Click on the map for a magnified view.

First Battallion Map